Rant post – JKR and HP

Hey guys, like said in my last post that I would address few things going around in Book Community... the first thing I would like to address is the infamous debate over JKR and HP fandom. JKR has done some nasty shit and I do not support that. I am thoroughly disappointed at her for … Continue reading Rant post – JKR and HP

Harry Potter Funko Pops I want to Own

I have recently started collecting funko pops and I have more or less 10 pops so far from different fandoms. However today I wanted to share my list of favourite Harry Potter funkos I ardently wanna own! 1. Hermione Granger Yule Ball 2. Cedric Diggory Triwizard Tournament - Hot Topic 3. Mad-Eye Moody 4. Hermione … Continue reading Harry Potter Funko Pops I want to Own