Book Review: Manga Classics: Anne of Green Gable

Hi guys, long time no see, I am back with a book/manga review and recommendation for you all!

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Title: Manga Classics: Anne of Green Gable

Original Author: L.M. Montgomery Adaptor: Stacy King Contributor: Crystal S. Chan Illustrator: Kuma Chan Lettering: Daria Rhodes

Genre: Classics, Manga

Length: 319 pages

Rating: 4★ / 5★

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Siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert were planning to adopt an orphaned boy to help out around their farm, Green Gables – instead, they got Anne Shirley. A plucky redheaded girl with a vibrant imagination, Anne turns first Green Gables and then the rest of Prince Edward Island on its ear.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

Anne of Green Gables is a classic novel that I never got around reading to it. However I love reading graphic novels, comics and mangas and I was really excited to see this one.

The book is about older siblings – Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert who were planning to adopt an orphan boy but end up adopting an orphan girl named Anne which happened due to a mix up by the head of the orphanage. Anne is an extremely imaginative and expressive girl. The book is in a manga format which has various chapters around the life of Anne adjusting in her new home – The Green Gables, her daily life and the people she interacts with.

The beginning of the story seems to be relaxed but towards the second half of the book it seems to be rushed. This makes you feel the disconnect in between and made me add the novel in my TBR because I am curious to know and read the story in that format now. The illustrations are cute and each chapters is like a day or episode in Anne’s life. Definitely recommend! I read it digitally but I am sure reading it via book would be more fun!

(Pic courtesy: Goodreads)

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