Rant post – JKR and HP

Hey guys, like said in my last post that I would address few things going around in Book Community… the first thing I would like to address is the infamous debate over JKR and HP fandom.


JKR has done some nasty shit and I do not support that. I am thoroughly disappointed at her for being a terrible human and not supporting or showing compassion towards the trans community. This has gone too far, too long. And I just can’t look up to her anymore. She inspired me at some point in my life. But no more.

HP is my/our fandom. It will always be. It was and is a big part of me. My childhood was heavily invested. My money too. Not anymore. I would not be buying any more official stuffs of HP fandom. I might have to crush my dreams of visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But I am happy to no more support the author by buying new books, merchs, watching the movies at cinema halls, etc etc of HP or FB.

I will be using what I own however. I might use books, merchs of the fandom which I already own. I would support local and individual businesses where JKR doesn’t profit. I would post on my blog of the stuffs I already own. But I will always share a disclaimer. I will no longer show enthusiasm towards JKRs new launches. However the fandom belongs to us. And I will show enthusiasm towards fan made stories and fan made merchs.

I am terribly upset and disappointed. I question if I should continue being a potterhead.. it is a hard decision. But I am clear on what to support and what not. Also, I am gonna start recommending books other than HP.

That’s it.

(Pic courtesy: @that.fictionfandom.faerie on Instagram)

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