Ultimate Challenge! Reading All the Books I Own!

Hi guys,

I am back with another blog post and a challenge for myself. These past few years, I have amassed ‘more than I could keep in my home’ unread books.. and I thought to myself, I need to crack THAT physical TBR.

I have been in a bit of a reading slump through out my life after I graduated from college. My reading curve took a major downfall and I have been in and out of love with reading.

Two years back, I rediscovered my love for reading again through book boxes and getting introduced to #bookstagram after I created my profile on Instagram. My love reignited from then, I went through lots of book sales, thrift book stores, book box subscriptions and guilty indulgences of buying books off Amazon and other online websites.

Now, I am at a state where I don’t have any space left to keep more books at my home (though I sneak few in here and there). So I thought, lets do it! Lets get reading my physical copies and sort them out. Keep what sparks joy and spread the rest of joy to others – as Marie Kondo would say.

So now I will be reading and re-reading some odd 150+ physical books and unhaul them. The challenge will start the moment I post this blog and instead of giving a deadline, I am going to see how soon I can finish reading them.

I will be updating regularly the book names that I have read in each month either in this post or a new one. Also review the ones I feel like sharing with you all.Β 

Wish me luck!

Take care you all!

my book pile some two years ago.. now imagine with 3-4 more stacks along with them..

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