Aegte Keralution Hair Mask Pro-Keratin Restore (With Biotin) Review

Hello everyone! I would be sharing a follow up review on another Aegte product I have been trying out along with the shampoo for past few days. The product that I will be talking about is the Aegte Keralution Hair Mask Pro-Keratin Restore (With Biotin).

Since in my last blog, we got to know about the Aegte – a Made in India brand which offers cruelty free and vegan products suitable for all skin type. I would like to share the deets about the hair mask I have been using from the same line.

The Product – Aegte Keralution Hair Mask Pro-Keratin Restore (With Biotin)

Aegte Keralution Hair Mask Infused is infused with Argan Oil plus Amla. This hair mask in easy to use and give you long-term protection. It provides an intense therapy to the damaged, coarse hair. The hair mask will condition, restore, and deliver shine to your hair.


Product Benefits:

  1. Includes Keratin for long-term protection
  2. Conditions and restores damaged hair
  3. Gives perfect softness, shine, and glamour.
  4. Has Biotin to enhance Keratin Restoration.
  5. Intensive therapy for damaged and coarse hair

Product feature:IMG_20200714_164134-01

  • 100% Organic
  • Naturally extracted
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Keratin + Biotin shampoo
  • Suitable for every hair type
  • Unisex product
  • For external use only


How to use or apply:

Wash your hair with Aegte’s Hair Conditioning Shampoo (for better results) or shampoo of your choice to clean your hair and towel dry. Always ensure you have clean hair while apply the hair mask for better results and feel and to let its magic work!

Apply a palm sized quantity of the mask all over the hair (if damp better) with an emphasis on hair ends, massage in thoroughly and wrap hair with a towel (if its warm, would feel like a spa treatment). Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse out thoroughly with water.


You can purchase the hair mask at

My Experience:

I usually apply the hair mask once every 2-3 weeks depending on how my hair feels. I applied the hair mask as per the directions, after shampooing my hair with Aegte Keralution Shampoo. The consistency of the mask is thick and creamy like shown on the picture and is easy to apply on my hair. I focused mostly from the middle of my hair to the ends and let is sit for 15-20 mins approx.

Post rinse, I noticed that my hair has become smooth and manageable and the hair tangles were less to none. There was also a difference in my hair texture and it made my hair frizz free. My hair looked shiny and it felt like I had given a spa treatment. Definitely a good option considering the current situation of pandemic.

Though it is on a pricey end, the mask has worked really good in making my hair look and feel healthy, smooth, shiny. I would definitely recommend it. And psshhh keep a check on their website for some discounts~ You wouldn’t want to miss it and this tub would last you for quite a few months!

For best results you both Aegte Keralution Shampoo and Aegte Keralution Hair Mask

Check out my review of Aegte Keralution ShampooΒ HERE

*The hair mask costs Rs 1599 for 100ml bottle. Keep an eye on their website for discounts!*

Adding the link to purchase the hair mask directly at their site – Aegte Keralution Hair Mask

Precaution:Β Avoid eye contact, keep the product away from the reach of children if irritation persist stop using the product and consult the doctor immediately.

Stay tuned for more~ Take care, be safe!


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