Book Review: Hold That Breath by Abhirup Dhar

Hey guys! I am back with another book review, after a long time. I took a break from reading (which was involuntary and a bad choice at my part due to increase in my office work), but here I am with a book different from the ones I have put up here. This is my first book I have read by the author.

Without further ado~

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Title: Hold That Breath

Author: Abhirup Dhar

Genre: Horror

Length: 132 pages

Rating: 3⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: Paperback


A school reunion turns awry when five friends realize the urban legend revolving a headless boy in Dow Hill, Kurseong might be true.

Bored homemaker, Saachi curious about the supernatural plays the elevator game to reach the other world.

Wandering photographer, Barry Bandeira puts up at a fort hotel one night and unearths an ancient curse.

Abhay Kumar, a horror fiction writer, looking forward to a wedding anniversary celebration with his lovely wife, confronts his nemesis.

Jeevika tells a true ghost story while on a road trip in Delhi-Jaipur expressway with her rich spoilt boyfriend, Ojas.

Raman Chabra, a film producer meets a talented struggler, Dhruv in a dilapidated cinema hall to hear his horror script. One of these stories connects the others.

Fear will be unleashed from the master storyteller of ‘Stories Are Magical’ and ‘Once Again… With Love!’ Have a fun, simple, relaxing and a little spooky read! Enjoy.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

‘Hold That Breath’ is a horror novel which has 6 short stories in it. Each story is unique in its own manner, entailing either urban legends or old ones with their own twists.

For me, personally a horror junkie, I did find the book gripping but the scare factor wasn’t much. At times, I could predict what would happen next or how it would end. The only story that stumped me was ‘The Stairway to Hell’.

The stories are elaborate enough to know how, what and why these supernatural occurrences happen. Some are kinda sad.. some are kinda.. sad..? By sad I mean either sad in the past or sad in the present.

Well to know more, I would recommend you to read it.

The language and narration of the story is simple and understandable. Weaving a horror story is not easy and for that the author has done a commendable job!

(Pic courtesy: Book Cover from Google)

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