COVID-19: A Pandemic Outbreak

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and are safe and staying at your homes.

This is no new news..Β The world has recently been shaken by the outbreak of the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 since December 2019 in China, which has slowly but rapidly spread across the globe. It has brought a tremendous standstill in the world’s economy.

The Coronavirus has dangerously effected countries like China, Italy, Spain, Iran, USA and is slowly effecting other nations too. The death counts are slowly on a rise, affecting the weaker and older population.

Affecting major countries and cities, the government has given instruction for a city or country-wide lock down, curfews and social distancing.

The impact that the virus has had in the past few weeks in tremendous, bringing the world down to its knees. Economically, socially and mentally, we all are at its mercy until there is a positive change.

Now is the time, to ensure that we do our part as the citizens of our countries and the world, in making sure that there is no disastrous outbreak of the virus. We should adhere to the basic rules and policies that our government has laid down for our own safety. As well as look after our personal hygiene and follow social/physical distancing.

From where I am writing this article, my country – India – thankfully, the affected count is less so is the death count, thanks to our Prime Ministers efforts.

India, second largest and densely populated country stands on a tight rope as of now. Hence, I want to strongly urge the people of my county and others as well to follow the rules shared by our government.

I really wish and hope that the virus goes away quickly as it began and for GOOD.

Take care, be safe and practice caution.


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