Book Review: A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri

Hey guys! I recently finished reading this book. Read along tk know my thoughts on it.Title: A Drop of YouAuthor: Krishna ChhetriGenre: RomanceLength: 184 pagesRating: 3⭐ / 5Get your copy here: Kindle Amazon PaperbackDescription:We become overtly colourless when our hearts aren’t together; only when a soul finds its body, they sing and dance together to the colours of life.Three closely knit people, Karma, Diana & Ghazal meet at the crossroads of life, unaware of the cosmic conspiracy and its comical destiny. Heart is their road, love is their journey and the soul, the final destination. Sailing on the tides of emotions, they encounter deceit, with a tinge of poison and drop of bliss.Forever love; it is a myth? Or a reality? Is it stifling pain or undying love, that makes love eternal? Come, let us explore!OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:‘A Drop Of You’ is a book which is based love.. a universally complex emotion.The story revolves around a guy and two girls, about their love triangle, hate, jealousy, love, lust, etc. The narration in the book is unique. It is poetic and rich with vocabulary. There are poems and shayaris and for sure readers who like or love romance genre would enjoy this book.Me personally, I am not a big fan of such book, but I found the blurb interesting so I picked it up. I liked the book, the story though not unique and like your typical romance book has elements which you would enjoy reading.The narration is too poetic for my taste but its a unique feature of this book. Another thing that wasn’t my cup of tea were the dialogues said by the characters or the conversations that happened between them. Those seemed to be like trying too hard.However, I would recommend this as it is a quick and a light read which would make you unwind your day during the weekend.
(Pic courtesy: @that.fictionfandom.faerie on Instagram)

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