Book Review: It Just Required One Step by Saif Israr

Hey guys! I have recently finished reading this book which revolves around campus and hostel life, love, friendship, drama, politics.. if you found this interesting then read on for my thoughts about it.

Title: It Just Required One Step

Author: Saif Israr

Genre: Romance, Drama

Length: 250 pages

Rating: 4⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: Kindle (Paperback)


Samar is a law student at Hastings University, Allahabad.

Anubhav is the vice president of Hastings University Students Union.

Arun Thakur is the contender for presidential elections.

Nupur Shrivastava is a BE student who lives on her terms.

Samar starts loving Nupur. He starts taking the help of union politics to win her love.

What are the consequences? How Arun lands in jail? How Samar is nabbed for a murder? What happened to the story growing between Samar and Nupur.

All the questions will be answered in the novel, “It Just Required One Step”. A story of friends, love and politics.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

The book ‘It just required one step’ is based on a college romance with some dash of politics and drama.

The story is written from the point of view of the main protagonist- a boy who takes up admission in Hastings University in Allahabad to persue a degree in law but ends up persueing something else. The story revolves around campus and hostel life, love at first sight, college drama, politics and etc, etc.

Reading the book made it feel like I was actually watching a typical Bollywood movie coz it had a filmy feel to it. The dark side of campus life is portrayed very well in this book.

The language is easy to read and has few Hindi words and sentences. Few elements in the book like overly descriptive, boy’s feelings for a girl which is way too much and the ‘filmy feel’ weren’t for me.

The title of the book makes sense towards the end. One time read for sure!

(Pic courtesy: Book Cover from Kindle)