Book Review: The Apple: History’s Greatest Mystery. Mankind’s Greatest Theft by Devashish Sardana

Hey guys! I have recently finished reading this book and I absolutely love it! Keep reading to know my thoughts about it…

Title: The Apple: History’s Greatest Mystery. Mankind’s Greatest Theft.

Author: Devashish Sardana

Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Mythology

Length: 260 pages

Rating: 5⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: Kindle / Paperback –


For 6000 years, they’ve protected Eden’s mysteries. Now someone is about to commit history’s most daring theft…

Queen Azura would sacrifice her life to fulfill her ancestors’ sacred mission. For thousands of years the Sentinels have safeguarded Eden and the Tree of Immortality. But one fateful night she awakens to find a man with a bullet wound in his head and an empty branch where the apple once hung.

He has no memories, not even his name. Nursed back to health by stern islanders who demand answers, he worries his nightmares of secret gates and a monstrous seven-headed serpent may be real. And if he doesn’t piece together the visions soon, his caretakers could become his executioners.

As the strange man struggles to recall how he came to the island, Azura fears someone has the means to defeat all their safeguards. And with the temptation of life everlasting, it’s only a matter of time before the would-be-killer strikes again.

Can Azura and the outsider solve the riddle before Eden’s final secret is exploited for evil?

The Apple is an innovative, fast-paced thriller. If you like unique puzzles, ancient legends, and a pulse-pounding twist on a familiar story, then you’ll love Devashish Sardana’s action-packed adventure.

Read The Apple to bite into a spectacular, wild ride today! (Via Goodreads)

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

The book’s central theme revolves around a treasure- which is like the title of the book suggests- ‘The Apple’. This treasure is based on one of the most famous religious mythological tale.

The story takes place in the North Sentenial Islands, which is a remote and impregnable island (even in real life) as the natives kill on sight if any strangers are spotted. When the Sentenial people were introduced, I was hooked!

Seeing these two things combined made me fall for it more and more.

The way the book is written- its plot, story, language, characters and everything- is hooking! Its a page turner and I wanted to devour more and more of it. It is simple to read and understand. The pace and turn of events were engaging. Its unpredictable and will appeal to lots of thriller and mythological readers.

Definitely recommend!

(Pic courtesy: via kindle)

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