Book Review: My Vision is My Mission by Ila Singh

Hey guys! I am back with another book review. This isn’t your typical book review ‘review’.. as the book is a journal!

To know more read on~!

Title: My Vision is My Mission

Author: Ila Singh

Genre: Self help Journal

Length: 143 pages

Rating: 5⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: Blue Rose Publishers


“Visualise a #missionapp on your mobile that will navigate you from where you are now to create the most splendid, enriching and fulfilling life that you could have ever imagined. This trusted app is none other than your ‘Self’, the dependable surveillance system to let you soar higher than your expectations.

The most exciting part of this journey is to identify your vision and to manifest them mindfully while overtaking the vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings an.d emotions. Through this app, you, the true Magician / Alchemist, will realise your greatest dream of becoming a better version of your ‘self’ in 2020 and beyond. This mobile is your ‘life’ with an inbuilt app i.e. your ‘self’

Welcome on board for #missionlife now.”

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

‘My Vision is My Mission’ is a Self Help journal and I am a big sucker for journals.

The journal talks in detail about having and keeping and following few missions in this year. It has monthly spreads. Each month has different prompts and tasks to achieve. Some prompts are in form of questions and answers.

If you use it daily and regularly, it is like building a habit and meditative. Well, keep a journal is and this one seems to be a very good for beginners where you want to plan out your personal and ambitious months and goals.

The journal also has lots of relevant and motivational quotes. It has cute illustrations as well which makes it more interesting.

I am absolutely loving this one! Would definitely recommend to pick it up and start using!

(Pic courtesy: from Google)

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