Book Review: Kailash Dwara: Doorway To Bhuloka by Vishesh

Hey guys! Back with another book review. This book is based on the Hindu mythology. ‘Kailash Dwara: Doorway To Bhuloka’ by the Indian author Vishesh.

To know more about my thoughts on the book.. read on!!

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Title: Kailash Dwara: Doorway To Bhuloka

Author: Vishesh

Genre: Mythology

Length: 174 pages

Rating: 3⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: Kindle (Free atm)


Five thousand years ago, Krishna turned the Danavas away from Bhuloka, closing the doorway of Kailash forever. Burying its secrets in the ruins of Dwarka.

Archaeologist Dr Vishwanath, amidst his research, stumbles upon the ancient mystery of Kailash, prompting Tarak to kidnap him and burn down an army camp.

Decades later, Vivaant and Sukheshni’s excursion to Mount Kailash takes an unprecedented turn after they find out the truth about their fathers.

Can Vivaant and Sukheshni keep the secret out of Tarak’s hands or will evil prevail?

Will Vivaant learn the ways of Mahavishnu on his quest to save his father?

Will Danavas find their way back to Bhuloka after five thousand years? (Via Goodreads)

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

The book is based on the Hindu Mythology with a dash of present day present fictional situation story.

The book has two parallel storytelling. One which is a present day and one which is of ages back when the characters from the mythology were present on Earth.

The story revolves around two college kids, Vivaant and Sukheshni about their family and college life (which is minimum) and their adventurous trip to the Kailash Parvat.

The language is simple to read. Story is good and engaging. It has lots of information regarding the Hindu Mythology and about stars and space. There are diagrams or pictures which gives more clarity to certain situations in the book.

What I have noticed is that there are typo errors. From chapter 7, the storytelling doesn’t has any connecting dots to why certain characters do certain things. The end was kinda predictable.. and it was like your typical cheesy Bollywood movie. There could have been a better character development as it lacked it. And the climax was… okayish.

I would definitely recommend you to give it a read.

(Pic courtesy: Book cover from Kindle)

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