Book Review: The Timeless Turns by U Kavya Janani

Hey guys! I just finished reading the book named ‘The Timeless Turns’ by U Kavya Janani. This is my first book that I have read by this particular author. And I loved it!!

Keep on reading to know about my review on this book.

Title: The Timeless Turns

Author: U Kavya Janani

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Short Story

Length: 47 pages

Rating: 4⭐ / 5

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Melanie Porter’s alarm clock is a magical object. It plays a different tune each day, telling her how her day would turn out to be. One fine day, it plays a strange sound – an ambulance’s siren amidst rush-hour traffic. What follows is a journey that Melanie would always cherish for the rest of her life.

Scarlette Heatherwood is a woman mourning over probably-unrequited love. Engaged to a man she does not love, and living a life she did not expect, Scarlette believes she is stuck in time, until the future calls, suddenly altering her life beyond recognition.

How are these two women connected to each other? What is the secret that holds them together?

The Timeless Turns is an interesting concoction of magic, fantasy, love, and drama. (Via Goodreads)

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

I started reading this ebook because I found the blurb interesting. And interesting it is!

Like the title of the book suggests it has time travel element in it, with a twist. The book focuses on Melanie who is your modern day girl, has a huge crush on her boss, her mum nagging her to find someone serious in her life.. and.. a magical alarm clock that predicts how her day would be by playing out different type of sounds and making noises.

Its a short story which has its central theme as love, magic and time travelling. The theme and story is quite unique. What I personally like while reading is that the language is simple to read and understand, making it an easier read for everyone.

The story is written in an interesting way, however, it lacked more depth in it. There could have been better setup of the events or transition in the story, which (personally) would have made a middle part of the book more appealing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend everyone to read it! 😊

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