Book Review: A Rustic Mind by Manali Desai

Hey guys! It’s book review time, and today I have an ebook review to share with you all!

Title: A Rustic Mind

Author: Manali Desai

Genre: Poetry

Length: 41 pages

Rating: 3⭐ / 5

Get your copy here: (ebook)


We never think about the effects or repercussions of our everyday actions or even the things we come across on a daily basis. Through ‘A Rustic Mind’ I aim to provide a thoughtful take on such actions and incidents. Poetic in its expression, these words will strike a chord which is not only deep but relatable on many levels.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

‘A Rustic Mind’ is a short ebook consisting of 27 poems. The poems feel personal and few of them resonate to your heart.

The initial poems start with heavy feelings which gradually becomes lighter. Some poems feel cute after reading like ‘That Corner of the House’.

However, in my opinion, there are some poems that don’t feel deep. Cannot connect with them. What I have noticed is that the poems could have been well written, there are grammatical errors and they seem choppy while reading.

All in all, It is a quick and simple read.

Kudos to the author for writing such a light book to read which doesn’t feel too heavy and has a good balance. Wishing good luck to her future poems and books! 🍀

I would also like to thank the author for providing me the review copy!

(Pic courtesy: @that.fictionfandom.faerie on Instagram)

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