ADIML: 100 days challenge (Part 1) – End

Hello everyone! Yes you have read the title and I am coming right off the bat – I am doing the #100dayschallenge. But of what? It could be anything that you wanna do for 100 days consistently.

And I thought what a better way to keep it updated here. So I will be posting here on a regular basis whether I have followed it for each and every 100 days. The post will be divided in four parts. Each part will cover 25 days.

So I have decided on working out. I will be following few exercise routines from the YouTuber EMI Wong. I shall post the links here if you are interested and you can join me in the workout. [Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 / Link 4 / Link 5]

I follow 2-3 type of exercises per day and I keep switching it up. Sometimes I do extra exercises like Suryanamaskara, Jump Rope or Walking.

I have already started the challenge this week from 17th June 2019. And I will keep you all posted about my progress and differences I notice.


Day 1: 17th June 2019 {💯}

Did Emi Wong’s arms and back workout + Bollywood routine.

Day 2: 18th June 2019 {💯}

Did Emi Wong’s arms and back workout + legs workout. A bit of walking in the evening.

Day 3: 19th June 2019 {💯}

Emi Wong’s arms and legs workout + legs workout + abs workout (half). Walking in the evening. Took ACV+water after morning workout.

Day 4: 20th June 2019 {💯}

Emi Wong’s arms workout + 10 suryanamaskars. Drank ACV+water in the morning.

Day 5: 21st June 2019 {💯}

Emi Wong’s arms workout. Didnt do much as I had to go to the mall.

Day 6: 22nd June 2019 {💯💯}

Did trekking today to Asaawa Fort near Boisar. Was tiring as hell.

Day 7: 23rd June 2019 – 2nd July 2019 {❌}

Didn’t do any exercises as I was tired and had body ache due to the trek. Plus I got my monthly chums and had a terrible back, abdomen, knee and leg ache.

Day #: 3rd July 2019 {💯}

Walked for 8500 steps.


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