Book Review: Two Girls In Love by Ankita Singh

Hey guys! I am back with another book review and it’s my second book from the author that I have read. This too is a poetry book but with a slight twist to it! It isn’t your average love poem… Read on to know more about it…

Title: Two Girls In Love

Author: Ankita Singh

Genre: Poetry (LGBTQIA+)

Length: 34 pages

Rating: 5⭐ / 5⭐

Get your copy here: / / (The book releases on 20th April 2019)


Two Girls In Love is the story of a young, Indian woman, written in the form of poetic diary entries. It follows her journey from the moment she realizes that she’s free to be with whomever she wants to be with and that no law would stop her anymore.

Two Girls In Love is short, like a few pages torn out of someone’s diary. But it tells a heartwarming tale of being true to yourself in a place where the people still may not be ready to accept you for who you are.

It’s a story of hope, of love, of true friendships…it’s the story of two girls who are so in love with each other.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

Two Girls In Love is a unique poetry book which seems like a girl writing in her personal diary and you are let in for a little sneak peak.

The entries are from the day the verdict for consensual homosexual sex under Section 377 was legalized under the Indian Law.

It starts off with the main character in the poem who is a girl (like the title of the book suggests) is elated to know about this change in the law and she is contemplating to come out of the closet to her close relationships that is her family and friends. Lots of thinking and confusion goes by where she faces trials and tribulations, love and solace and finally has a hope to let the world know of her orientation.

The entry made on 15th September pulled the strings of my heart and that is huge! That entry is where she contemplates hard about how her family, society and friends will perceive of her love towards the same gender. She is free to love as per law but IS she?

The pace that the book has is brilliant. The way the author has written the poems are sweet and simple to read and understandable and it truly sticks to you after you have read it!! It is flawless and the emotions are better conveyed.

I would honestly BIG TIME recommend you all to read this book… you feel the girl’s happiness, confusion, pain, hopelessness, love and later on a hope towards a better change. It feels as if you are in her shoes.

(Pic courtesy: @that.fictionfandom.faerie on Instagram)


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