Book Review: Scattered Constellations by Ankita Singh

Hey guys! I recently read this book by Author Ankita Singh. This is her first book that she has published. And this is my first Poetry book that I have read which is also a free verse poetry book.

Title: Scattered Constellations

Author: Ankita Singh (@authorankita on Instagram)

Genre: Free Verse Poetry

Length: 71 pages

Rating: 4.5⭐ / 5⭐

Get your copy here: / / or you can ask the author herself on Instagram to send you the book.


Words tumble out, with no pause; from the pen, my anelace, that I hold so graciously, (in awe of its majesty, its power) in my hand.

They form thoughts, hopes and musings; reflect my soul, my entire being, and spread across the page, like scattered constellations across the sky.

OtakuMeganeChan’s Review:

Scattered Constellations is my first poetry book that I read in my life. And I absolutely loved it! The author’s style of writing is very sweet, personal and full of emotions. It covers various types of themes which revolves around love- family love, relationships, same sex, self love,etc.

While reading through the pages, few of the poems took me down the memory lane. Some were nostalgic, some I could relate to awfully a lot, some just made me go awwwww 😍… and there were some that I couldn’t relate to but could understand what the writer wanted to convey.. all in all they were meaningful and personal. I could feel them!

My favourites in the book were ‘Hey Princess’, ‘Beautiful (II)’, ‘Taboo’, ‘Bigots’ and ‘Desire’. Not to forget ‘The Vampire Cat’ – it’s a fun lil poem! β™₯️

The second half of the book is really heartbreaking with lots of emotional poems and that is were you will find my favourites. I rate this book a 4.5/5 stars. And recommend all of you to read it! 😊

PS. The cover is really pretty!! 😍β™₯️

(Pic courtesy: @that.fictionfandom.faerie on Instagram)


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