Back again from the dead!!!!

Hello everyone!! This is me, OtakuMeganeChan~~~!!!

I am back! wooohoooo~~~

I have been on a long hiatus.. which has spanned nearly a year, a month and few days. What I have been up to, you ask? hmmmmmmmm~ I have been sailing and struggling in the real world, dealing with daily life situations which turns out to be boring and monotonous with a bit of cherry on a cake moments.

Am I back from the dead for good? Ohh yes, you bet it!

Have I changed any bit in this last year? Humans are a constant subject to change and adapt very quickly to their new surroundings so I have been and am like water, ever changing and moulding myself into containers that deem fit.

How do I look now?

Related image

Yes, that’s me! xD

Till then~ ;3

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