ADIML: Movie Time – The Fate of the Furious

Hello All, Welcome to OtakuMeganeChan’s – “A Day in my Life” Series.

On a certain destined day, which turned out to be April 12th, 2017; I sneaked out after work ALL ALONE to watch the movie… yes you guessed it right smarty pants! – The Fate of the Furious! Whooohooo~

It was so much FUN!! It was my first time out alone in a movie theater. Usually I go out with my friends or with my family. But this is the first time ever, ever, ever I had gone alone. I am gushing so much about it! Sorry for that.

And the movie.. OMG its good. I will be writing a Spoiler-full version of my review on the Furious 8 movie! Till then a small gist of what the movie is about – pssshhhh like you guys haven’t seen the trailer (if not, here is the link –ย here). If you guys are a hardcore fan of FnF series, you should watch it! Which I think by now you must have already seen it like 5 times! ๐Ÿ˜›

Coming back to my experience in the theaters, I actually wanted to watch the movie – Ghost in the Shell – but unfortunately the tickets were sold out and I arrived a bit late for the screening. So I had to go for the Furious 8. When I arrived at my seat, there were a group of guys sitting behind me, approx. 6-7 guys. They were making so many geeky references that I would laugh out loud at their comments! Luckily/Unluckily, I did not befriend them.. too shy person. But I was glad to know they were Game of Thrones fans! YAY me!!

I hope I do get time to watch Ghost in the Shell though…..

Until then, See you guys soon! Bye Bye~ :3


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