A Day in My Life: Kitties & Waffles /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

Today was one surprising day! After work, I met some of my friends and we had an impromptu meet at a newly relocated Cat Cafe in Versova, Mumbai. And Oh my goodness! the kitties provide such a relief! The Cat Cafe Studio not only shelters stray cats and kitties but also provides home for them. You can adopt if you are a cat lover and need some feline friends in your home. ( I try hard to convince my parents that we do require few cats at our place but they think otherwise..) Plus they have a cafe where you can fill in your stomach after playing with the kitties!

Some snaps clicked while we were at the cat cafe!

Image result for cat cafe studio andheri

After a very good amount of time spent with the cats and being the scratch post hoomans for them, our gang feeling famished decided to visit the nearby cafe called ‘Coffee by Di Bella’. The place has a good ambiance to it. We ordered ‘Chocolate Explosion Waffle’, ‘Chocolate Explosion Frappe’, ‘Danish Toffee Frappe’ and ‘Hot Chocolate Vanilla flavoured’. The waffle I must add was fulfilling and super chocolatey!

Some snaps clicked while we were at Di Bella’s.

All in All a day well spent with humans, food and kitties alike! ♥


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